Course Progress

How to make online courses
How to create, develop and publish your own online course.
Module 1 Research & Planning  
This is a cornerstone of the curriculum development for any course.
Unit 1 Introduction to Make Online Course
Unit 2 Get the most out of this course
Unit 3 What is the Topic of your course?
Unit 4 Needs Assessment
Unit 5 Learning Goals
Unit 6 Pricing
Module 2 Pre-Production  
There is a lot of work to do before you can turn the camera on, let's get started.
Unit 1 Intro to Production Phases
Unit 2 in-Depth Subject Research
Unit 3 in-Depth Subject Research DEMO
Unit 4 Expanding the Course Outline
Unit 5 Scripting the lessons
Unit 6 Delivery Options
Unit 7 External Resources
Unit 8 Scheduling and Budgeting
Module 3 Production  
So, you are ready to record your course lessons. Let's go over the checklist.
Unit 1 Production 1/7
Unit 2 Production 2/7
Unit 3 Production 3/7
Unit 4 Production 5/7
Unit 5 Production 4/7
Unit 6 Production 6/7
Unit 7 Production 7/7
Module 4 Post-Production  
So, what do you do with all that recorded media. How do you edit it, how do you publish it so that it is a good course? Let's look at the steps required in the Post-Production Phase.
Unit 1 Intro to Post-Production
Unit 2 Gathering Media
Unit 3 Editing the Video Lessons
Unit 4 Backup and Storage Options
Module 5 Delivery, Evaluation and Review  
Delivery, Evaluation and Review is the last cornerstone of Curriculum Development.
Unit 1 Delivery, Evaluation and Testing
Module 6 Marketing  
It would be a shame that after all this work, no one can learn from our course. In this module, we will look at how we can drive traffic to our website. Marketing matters, whether you are selling your course or giving it away.
Unit 1 Marketing your course Part 1
Unit 2 Marketing your course Part 2
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