Alain Gauthier, Founder, Curriculum Developer & CEO

My name is Alain Gauthier. I am a curriculum developer and facilitator for most of the courses published here. This website was built to integrate and make available all of my courses under one location and unified membership system. This way, you will be able to access all the courses you may be interested in with one login, one payment system and one newsletter service.

Portrait of Alain Gauthier

I have been facilitating learning for teens and adults since 1984, in small & large classrooms, seminars and one on one training sessions. My passion, as always is helping people make the most of the potential they have and this includes making the most of the technology available to them.

Our goal on this website is to offer you online courses:

  • that is focused on teaching you one task or topic at a time, no need to listen to a 45-minute lecture to find out how to do a simple task or learn an individual topic.
  • that provide very clear instructions, we use video, screen captures or graphics to teach you – whatever method we think is the most appropriate for the learning situation.
  • In the case of licensing courses, we will keep our courses current to match the licensing exam requirements -as we are made aware of these changes. 

In addition to giving you the best in online digital courses, we will keep our prices affordable and our product description clear.

Stephen Forbes, Co-Founder, Senior Editor, CFO

Stephen Forbes is a founding partner with Clickplay2learn, Stephen is responsible for videography, editing and business operations. His diverse background includes many years in law enforcement and telecommunications. Before Stephen left law enforcement he gained a diverse skill set including instructing and field training new Officers. After leaving law enforcement he moved onto the telecommunications field where he again shifted his focus into the role of mentoring and classroom instruction for new technicians. Over the past year, he has gained experience in video editing, motion graphics and production of educational videos. His passion for technology and creating a polished professional product makes him a natural fit in his role with the company.

Portrait of Stephen ForbesStephen’s past experience has helped him develop an efficient and effective workflow, coupled with his attention to detail and mental discipline has made a successful video editor and business partner. He has been a great addition to the Clickplay2learn team.

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